Quick scan

A quick scan permits us to give you a detailed analysis of the current situation of your company from a financial point of view. In our report we will give your our findings, prioritize action points, put them on a timeline, and give you an indication of the budget involved.

We use special, interesting flat-fee rates for the quick scan, and, if your company is a SME located in the Flemish Region, you can get a subsidy through the “KMO Portefeuille“.

During the quick scan, we have a detailed look at the following items:

  • Organisation of finance and administration department
  • Scan of accounting data
  • Transactional processes (order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay)
  • Review of working capital
  • Credit management
  • Analysis of the available management reporting
  • Profitability benchmarking & improvement possibilities
  • Analysis IT environment